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Students create their own KWL chart.

Students are given a variety of objects and several magnets and encouraged to test, and come up with their own experiments, questions and observations. Taping down paper makes a nice pocket and students can sort their ideas which gives them a chance to use the process skill of comparing and contrasting.

Tab folds make a great way for students to explain the vocabulary. Vocabulary learned based on experience is most valuable.

Students need to record data and express their learning in the variety of ways. Diagrams are important for students to explain their conceptual understanding.

Students need to explain their explorations.

Students need to express their conclusions. Conclusions need to articulate understanding of concepts.

My beginning teachers also include teacher tips for each lesson.

The next week I show a video clip from Wall-e. Students answer the question: based on your investigations with magnets, what material is Wall-e made from?

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