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Managing Teacher STRESS

Well here is something you probably already knew, teaching is a stressful job.  There are always so many things to do…the job never ends.  Today I would like to share a video from Brett R. Williams, LMFT on managing stress for teachers.  

Have you searched the term “self-care for teachers”? Or even “self-care” in general? What you’ll get are lists of “self-care ideas” that quite frankly are not that useful. They are self-care ideas that one, you already know, and two, they are self-care ideas that you wouldn’t do. But, the worst part of these self-care ideas is that they just become one more item on your “to-do-list”. Which kind of defeats the distressing intent of self-care. Today, I am sharing my advice about creating some self-care ideas that will help destress and not add more stressors.

With the Covid-19, your school has either gone online, classes have been broken into blocks, or arranged in some other strange configuration. These changes have brought about stressors for today’s school teachers that have never been experienced in our lifetimes. And the consequence of these stressors is feelings of being overwhelmed and greater teacher burnout. But there is some relief for school teachers by applying a few daily self-care strategies.  

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