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Owl Pellets with Interactive Notebook Ideas

You will love this integrated owl unit that includes 5 E lessons and Informational Text plus reading strategy pages and a Smart Board Activity. Integrated Owl Unit

This unit is aligned with NGSS and CCSS for Reading Informational Text.

For the individial full 5 e lesson and a SMARTboard activity see 5 e lesson and SMARTtboard activity


Students can do some great inquiry by dissecting owl pellets.   I would suggest buying yours through a reputable biological supply company to be sure they have been sanitized and are free of microbes. 
This Owl Template is now included in my product.

Dissecting owl pellets is fascinating and it works for so many different topics in science: skeletal systems, digestive systems, adaptations, predator/prey relationships. ecosystems, habitats, consumer/producer/decomposer, and process skills such as inference, observation, recording data, comparing and contrasting, and communicating.

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