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Compare and Contrast Two Informational Text Passages on Rabbits


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Read two text passages on rabbits and compare them. This unit includes two informational text passages and lots of follow-up pages to help students compare and contrast the two informational text passages on rabbits. Designed to meet the CCSS for reading informational text in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade.

The first article is on Rabbit Adaptations and the second article is on Rabbit Life and Behavior. This unit is great for science literacy and is no prep. Just print and use. Great for spring reading or Easter activities. Great for teaching students about structural and behavioral adaptations and animal group living.

Each article is one page long and there are 10 follow-up pages and a writing activity. Response pages encourage students to read back into the text to answer the questions.

Students will learn that rabbits are animals that have unique adaptations for surviving. Using their reading informational text skills, students will compare the two texts on rabbits.

This resource includes two reading passages, reading responses, follow-up pages, brainstorming pages, a writing page, and a top-tab book. Students will look at the main ideas and supporting details within each passage.

This is a science literacy unit that is great for Easter or spring. Students will read and write informational text in this rabbit unit.

Did you know that rabbits have behavioral adaptations such as thumping their foot to warn other rabbits of danger?

Did you know that female rabbits in colonies will often all give birth at the same time? This strategy is called ecosystem flooding as the ecosystem is flooded with so many prey animals that they cannot possibly all be eaten by predators.

Did you know rabbits’ large ears are not only for hearing? A rabbit’s ears help them to stay cool in hot weather. Have your students read all about these and other interesting rabbit adaptations and behaviors in the great informational text unit on rabbits.