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Temperature and Rate of Chemical Reaction Unit for Middle School Science

Temperature and rate of chemical reaction

Use this unit to help teach your class about the way chemical reaction is affected by temperature!

This unit on temperature and rate of chemical reaction will save you TONS of prep time and keep your class engaged!

Students will identify variables and set up a science experiment to compare the rate of reaction with cooled and warmed reactants.

This unit on temperature and rate of chemical reaction includes:

      • PowerPoint Slide Show on Temperature and Rate of Chemical Reaction

      • Strategic Notetaking Guide

      • Directions, Lesson Plan, and Background for Teachers

      • Lab

      • Lab Pages

      • Exothermic Endothermic Page

      • Vocabulary Fold

      • Claim Evidence Reasoning on Temperature and the Rate of Reaction

    You will need a few supplies to conduct the experiment:

        • Calcium chloride

        • Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)

        • Water

        • Glass or plastic containers

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      My students loved seeing the difference in reaction when we heated one set of reactants and cooled the other! They think I am a wizard!

      Patrick N. 11/5/22

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