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Five STEM Activities for Summer

Summer is a great time to explore our interests and hobbies. It is also a great time to continue pursuing learning and discovery. Whether you are a teacher running a science summer camp, or a parent looking to help your children keep their skills sharp, STEM activities are a great choice for the summer! From making slime to designing and testing a prototype of a balloon car, there are so many fun hands-on STEM activities to do! Here are some of my favorite STEM activities to do over summer break.


1: Water Cycle in a Jar

This resource includes a hands-on science lesson that demonstrates the whole water cycle in a jar and the formation of a cloud! It is really cool! You will only need simple household materials. This resource includes a slide show explaining the water cycle, response pages and interactive notebook flaps and folds. This activity is a hit with all ages!

You can read more about this activity on my blog here!  This resource is available for purchase here on my website, or here on my TPT store

2: Build an Archimedes Water Pump

In this STEM Engineering resource, students will learn about the history of the Archimedes’ Water Pump and they will create their own working water pump in this STEM challenge. Students will learn about how screws are really an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder. Students will have to think about how a screw works to lift things like water. 


STEM Water Pump

You can read more about this awesome activity, and see a video of an Archimedes Water Pump in action, on my blog here. You can buy this resource here on my website, or here on TPT!

3: Design and Build a Balloon Car

Students will use Design Thinking to create a balloon-powered car. Students will design, create a prototype, and conduct iterative testing to design and improve a balloon car. Students will consider constraints and criteria and will compare design solutions in the engineering challenge.


Balloon Car STEM Challenge

You can read more about this fun hands-on STEM activity on my blog here! And you can purchase the resource here on my website, or on TPT.

4: Build a Flashlight

Students will love engineering their own flashlights out of a craft stick! Students will use their knowledge of circuit electricity and insulative and conductive materials to engineer a small flashlight. Students will identify the criteria and constraints and use design thinking to build a flashlight.

You can get this resource here on my website or on TPT!

5: Build a Wildlife Bridge

Students will love this STEM Engineering Challenge: Build A Wildlife Bridge. Students will learn how wildlife crossings save animals’ lives and protect drivers. Students will design a wildlife bridge using the engineering design process and engineering skills to help the animals cross the highway. A two-page informational text passage on wildlife crossings is included.

You can read more about building a wildlife bridge on my blog here. And you can purchase this resource here on my website, or on TPT.

Regardless of which STEM activity you choose to do, the most important thing to do is keep learning and keep having fun! STEM subjects are important to our society, and STEM fields are always desperate for new members of the workforce! STEM makes the world go round!

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