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Fossil Record Task Cards for Middle School Science

The Fossil Record

Use these fossil record task cards for a change of pace in your science classroom!

Many teachers enjoy using task cards for a station-rotation activity. Students love getting out of their seats and rotating around the room as they visit each station and complete the task card assigned to that station.

Students will analyze the fossil records and answer questions. This resource is low-prep and self-checking. Students will answer questions about sedimentary layers, strata, and fossil evidence.

Layers of rock and fossil record

The fossil record task cards come with answer sheets and answer keys so that students can check their own answers. Great for thinking about how environments have changed in the past.

fossil record

Your download includes six fossil record task cards, answer recording sheets, and answer keys for everything.

fossil record task cards

I think this set of task cards was really helpful and I love the images. Students had to analyze the fossil record from photos. well done.

Pharma N.

Great fossil practice cards. Students had to think about the layers. Easy to use.

Kayla S.

Other science teachers LOVE this resource!

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sedimentary rock

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