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Weather Maps Science Task Cards for Middle School Science

Weather map task cards

Your class will LOVE using task cards!

Many teachers like to use task cards by setting up rotation stations around the classroom. Your students will really enjoy getting out of their seats and moving around while they learn.

How to read a weather map

This resource starts off with a PowerPoint slide show with a note-taking page. It includes 10 weather map task cards, student note pages, a suggested schedule, and answer keys for everything!

weather and climate

Students will learn about forecasting weather and meteorology. These task cards can be used independently and they are self-checking. No Prep-just print and use!

weather map gulf stream

My students enjoyed using these weather task cards when we had a sub. It was easy for the sub to do and very little prep for me! Great review on map and weather skills.

Bruce J
weather map isobars

These are a great set of task cards. I really love the varied maps and questions. Students were able to self-check their answers. Easy to use and a nice set that I printed in color and will laminate to use for years to come.

Elaine T.
weather map cold front

Other middle school science teachers LOVE these task cards!

Check out more of the dozens of perfect reviews on Teachers Pay Teachers.

weather map cold front and warm front

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