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Interactive Notebooks Ideas for Math

Next week I am presenting my research on Interactive Notebooks with Preservice Teaching at the School Science and Mathematics Association annual convention.  I have posted many ideas for interactive notebook use with science.  I wanted to write a post showing some ways interactive notebooks could be used in a math classroom.  

The ideas are basically the same.  Students explore math ideas and interact with real problems and concrete materials in a well planned, inquiry-based lesson that the teacher facilitates, and then the student displays their ideas, conclusions, and understandings in an interactive notebook.  Just like with the science notebook, the act of recording their ideas both visually and linguistically will help them remember the concepts.  

Here are some examples:

The following ideas come from
Above from
Above is from Blair Turner on TPT
Above is from Not Your Mother’s Math Class TPT
Are you looking for a great math activity? My friend Stacy at Learning4Miles has a really creative and fun resource. Download Pop It Math: Arrays 
Your students will love this fun activity!


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