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Engage Students by Having Them Make Little Books

Have you tried Little Books in your elementary classroom?

Having your students make little books to convey their understanding is engaging and a great way to incorporate writing in all subjects.  Students can retell stories, write reports, explain what they know and invent their own stories.   

Little books or engaging for students and can be used independently or within interactive notebooks.  Just glue the back of the book on the page like these TopTab books.

Or you can create a pocket for the Little Book so that students can remove the book, look at it, and put it back in the pocket. Below you can see a little book in and out of a pocket.

More examples of Little Books in Interactive Notebooks

And the Popular Pop Ups!

So very many ways to use Little Books in your classroom.  You can use them again and again in different subjects and in different ways.  These little books and more are available in my store for only 6 dollars.  Click Here:

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