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American Bison Informational Text Unit

American Bison Informational Text Unit

Use this unit to help teach your class about American Bison!

This informational text unit will have your students reading about bison and the adaptations that help them to survive. They will learn about how bison were once almost hunted to extinction but have now made a substantial recovery due to conservation efforts. 

American Bison Informational Text Unit

This Bison Reading Unit includes phenomena, a suggested schedule, three pages of informational text, two pages of comprehension questions, vocabulary development activities, a true and false page, two CERs, map work, and answer keys for everything!

American Bison Informational text Unit

This unit will address several informational text skills, including the author’s purpose, reading back into the text, making inferences, and text features such as maps and sidebar.

American Bison Comprehension questions

This is a NO PREP unit! Just print The American Bison Passages and you’re ready to go!

American Bison Adaptations

Students were engaged in the resource and got started right away. We had a great discussion based on the map work and conservation efforts.

Samantha P.

American Bison Quiz

We had seen a lot of disturbing footage on the news about people getting too close to the buffalo. I read this with my students before going to Yellowstone and I feel like it helped them to have a healthy respect for the animals!

Kate M.

American Bison crossword puzzle

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