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QR Codes in The Classroom

QR codes are easy to use and add interest and technology use to any lesson.  QR stands for Quick Response and they are a scannable image that takes you directly to a website.   It is free to create a QR code and super simple.  It is also free to download a scanning app.

To make a QR code simply use and online QR code generator.  You can google one or you can use  Copy and paste the url you want the QR code to take the students to and presto!  You have a QR code!

Here is the QR code I have made to this blog. 
Next I save the QR code I have created as a jpeg.  I can then put it on a piece of paper and print it out. 
There are many ways you can then use a QR code.  You can have a scavenger hunt and students look for pieces of information on the various websites.  

Students can write down information that they find responding to specific prompts.
Scanners are free apps that you can get for your SMART phone or Tablets in your app store.  Simply hold the device over the QR code and the device will go to that specific webpage.   
Some clever teachers make games out of the QR codes to review for a test reinforce information.

This teacher used the QR codes as part of a check out system for books. 
And here are some examples of other clever ways to use QR codes.

It is easy to infuse your lessons with this fun and free technology code.
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