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Visiting a Reptile and Arachnid Breeding Facility

 Last summer I had an opportunity to visit a huge breeding facility for reptiles, arachnids and other interesting creatures.  It was an amazing experience.  The owner and operator only sells captive bred, healthy animals and takes great pride in providing education and supporting responsible pet ownership.  

This place was amazing!  We walked into a huge warehouse with stacks going up to the ceiling with tubs of all kinds of critters.  Each one was labeled and organized by species.  

 The owner showed us all kinds of animals and told us all about them.  He was definitely an expert!  He even picked up the Mexican red knee tarantula I was purchasing and was able to tell me she was a female. 

 He showed us how the eggs are incubated in precise temperatures and how the hatchlings were cared for.   All the animals looked healthy.  

If you are interested in purchasing a reptile or spider I strongly encourage you to support a reputable business like this one. Your animal will be healthy and you will not be contributing to illegal collection of species.

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